Why composite decking is naturally appealing

Color, texture and easy maintenance: today’s capped composites have it all

Ask a homeowner why he or she is considering composite decking over wood and you’ll hear reasons such as, “I’m sick of maintaining my wood deck” or “it’s falling apart; we can’t even use it anymore.” Rotting boards, splinters, back-breaking maintenance – why wouldn’t you want something better? The problem is, some people still subscribe to the old notion that while composite decking lasts longer and is easier to own than wood, it just doesn’t look as natural. Once, that may have been true. But not today. Today’s capped composite decking captures all the warmth and beauty of natural wood––from the textures and colors right down to the grain patterns––and is still easier to maintain and more durable. If you’re considering a new deck, you owe it to yourself to give composites another look.

Symmetry Decking in Cinnabar

Old-world beauty meets advanced technology

When Fiberon launched our newest decking line, Symmetry™ Decking, at the 2016 International Builders Show, the response was overwhelming. Visitors raved about the colors and finish. We developed our unique matte surface using a special low-gloss formulation and micro-texturing process. Taking inspiration from natural elements and pigments, we created a color palette that is earthy and rich. There are no artificial colors or brash streaking here. Instead, the shades are as authentic and naturally appealing as their namesakes: Burnt Umber, Cinnabar, and Warm Sienna. Plus, the boards feature subtle, multi-tonal streaking for added depth and visual impact.

Of course, decking is an outdoor product, so we couldn’t sacrifice durability for beauty. And we didn’t. Symmetry features our patented PermaTech® surface material on all four sides. This veritable “suit of armor” gives the boards exceptional resistance to staining, fading, insect infestation, and decay. That means, unlike your typical pressure-treated deck, Symmetry capped composite decking won’t splinter, crack, or rot.

Symmetry Decking in Warm Sienna

Less maintenance time, more relaxation time

And what about maintenance and lifespan? Wood decking requires regular re-sealing and re-finishing. We’ve seen estimates as high as $800 for a standard-sized deck. Conversely, Fiberon composite decking generally needs only an annual cleaning with soap and water – a simple process that costs about $15. Plus, composite decking has an average lifespan of 20+ years; not so for most wood decks. The longer lifespan of Fiberon decking means big savings in terms of dollars and environmental impact. After all, the “greenest” deck is the one you don’t have to replace.

Symmetry Decking in Cinnabar, Symmetry Railing in Tranquil White

Easy on you and the environment

Speaking of green, eco-friendliness is another area in which Fiberon composite decking excels. Our products contain primarily pre- and post-consumer recycled plastics and lumber mill scraps. Plus, we recover 98.5% of the waste materials we generate. Our sustainable manufacturing processes include a closed-loop water cooling system for zero water discharge, and we use rail transport for finished goods wherever possible to increase our efficiency and decrease our greenhouse gas emissions. All of which are just some of the reasons why Green Builder magazine named Fiberon a “2015 Eco-leader.”

If you’re seeking naturally beautiful and highly durable decking that is easy to maintain, do yourself a favor: check out Fiberon composite decking.

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4 Responses to “Why composite decking is naturally appealing”

  1. Sammy says:

    Hi Sharon! Thanks for the great reminder of why composite decking is so appealing. I too have heard homeowners say they want the “real wood look that can only be achieved with real wood”. I guess it’s the same issue we run into when we suggest marble “look” when we do bathoom remodeling for our customers. While I understand their desires for a natural looking deck, I am usually able to win them over by highlighting the details you mentioned in your article: 1.) Eco-friendly 2.) Durability 3.) Easy Maintanence. It’s usually the third one that wins them over. We are all trying to buy more time with our loved ones – so no one wants to spend a weekend washing and painting a deck (especially this mom and business owner)! Thanks for another great article. Keep them coming 😀 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/306147dfb8a1ef196401854f3ecf0a6cf411d24e8354f0db83a270874e0ae5fd.jpg

  2. Fiberon says:

    Hi Sammy, we totally agree, the low maintenance and long lasting durability of our composite decking is a huge selling point for our customers. Less time staining or fixing that old wooden deck means more time to relax!

  3. Cameron Hudson says:

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