Why Hire a Pro? Pt. II

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Deck Builder

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Professional Deck Builder Bayn Wood returns to On Board with the second installment of his “Why Hire a Pro?” series. For more info from Bayn and his company visit www.autumnwoodconstruction.com or Bayn’s blog.

The benefits of hiring a professional deck builder not only apply to the quality of your deck, but also the design and functionality of your outdoor space. A professional deck builder can make the difference between a unique, high-quality, up-to-code deck and the standard square, cookie cutter project. Here are a couple of additional reasons to consider hiring a professional for your deck installation:

1. Experience in carpentry and construction codes

We see a lot of different (and potentially dangerous) carpentry techniques. I remember going out to a quote last summer to build a gazebo. The homeowner was really excited about his new deck, which himself and his buddy had just built.

The first thing I noticed was that they brad nailed all of the deck boards down to the frame. With experience in building new decks and tearing old ones down, you will quickly learn that brad nailing down deck boards is not a safe choice. Wood shrinks, expands and moves around, which a brad nail will never hold up against.

We never nail a deck anywhere unless we use polyurethane glue in conjunction with nailing, and that is only on fascia boards where you don’t want to see a screw head.

With all the new composite and PVC decking products on the market, experience will not only save you time, but maybe one big headache. Manufacturers typically deny product claims if installation instructions are not executed properly or completely. Composite and PVC decking is also a lot more labor intensive in its installation.

How you design the deck, not only how you build it, will contribute to the quality and functionality of the deck as it ages.

2. Unique design experience

Design is a key factor in most construction projects. Each lot is different, each home is different and each customer’s needs are different. I am a firm believer that whoever designs a project should have a long-standing, building quality mindset – not just a “how does it look?” mindset. With that being said, who wants a square, jail space look to your new deck? A designer will look to put his unique signature on the design, so that the instant you see the deck you know that they built it. I have to tip my hat to them; they have stepped beyond the cookie cutter mentality.

As professionals, we have to not only create our own brand, but also work at proving ourselves as hard workers who will go the extra mile for our clients.

A pro should go the extra mile in design, workmanship, cleanliness and business dealings. That is why you should hire a pro!

Can you think of other reasons to hire a pro? Share your experiences or comments below!


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