The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Deck Builder

This week's post comes from Bayn Wood, president of Autumnwood Construction Inc., for more information from Bayn and his company, visit or Bayn’s blog.

Hello, my name is Bayn Wood and I am president of Autumnwood Construction Inc., a Detroit metro-area deck and patio construction company.

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Being in the deck building business, we encounter the do-it-yourself-er quite a bit. In the last month we have seen a composite deck built by a new homebuilder that looked like the framing crew nailed it off. We gave a recent quote for a pending lawsuit where a homeowner built his own deck, sold his house and stated to the buyer that it was built to code and the building inspector had approved the deck construction. In reality, the deck needed to be torn down because it was not only out of code, but posed a major danger to anyone on it. We also visited a new construction home for a quote on building a backyard deck. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed a very nice covered front porch that had high-end composite railings. These railings were sagging in between the railing posts. After closer inspection, I noticed there were not any squash blocks installed and that the bottom rail was installed upside down (by the homeowner).

All costly errors.

You may say that there are plenty of decks built by homeowners that have been built well, and that may be true, but what are you getting yourself into when you take on a deck building project?

Here are a few areas to consider before you decide to “do it yourself:”

  1. The deck design: Are you hoping for a dream deck that flows into the landscape, or a square big-box special?
  2. Building to code: Plans and permits are needed, and there are several construction codes to follow regarding the soil you’re working on, load bearing, frost code depth, safety codes, etc.
  3. Materials: What is the best choice for my new deck? What should I base my decision on? What accessories are available?

In my opinion deck building is a trade, just like an electrician, plumber, or pipe fitter.

To have a special “outdoor living” dream deck space, you should consider a deck building specialist.

Can you think of another reason to hire a pro, or are you a homeowner who has successfully built his or her own dream deck? Share your experiences or comments below!