Your DIY Outdoor Man Cave

Make the ultimate outdoor man cave
Dust off that jersey. NFL season is here.

That means it’s time to plop down in a recliner, scarf nachos and bean dip, and throw back a few beverages with friends and family.

Really, there are few things more satisfying than cheering on your favorite team.

What’s the only thing that would make the whole football season experience better? If you could enjoy it on your Fiberon outdoor living space.

Scratch that, let’s call this an outdoor man cave—a sanctuary where you can enjoy hanging out and relaxing as game season heats up.

Now we know there are a few hang ups: a respectable man cave has a television, a mini fridge, and a nice recliner, all of which doesn’t exactly fit outdoors.


We’ve compiled a must-know guide to completing your DIY Outdoor Man Cave with all the necessary elements.


Swap the Leather for Wicker 

Nothing like that old, ripped-up leather chair in the basement. It’s the centerpiece of your indoor man cave. The cushions have conformed to your body, but leather doesn’t do so hot in the rain and sun.

Swap that leather for wicker! Get yourself some outdoor cushions, and you won’t be able to tell the difference. Take a look at our outdoor living space photo galleries to see some killer wicker furniture that will fit in your new man cave.

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Add a theater to your man cave
Get Yourself an Outdoor Television or Projector

Your man cave is sacred—we get it! It’s the place where you enjoy a little television. And TVs don’t exactly work outside. Actually, you can acquire an outdoor television to watch football outdoors.

But if that’s not in your budget, not to worry! You can pick up a projector at almost any electronics store. Simply hang up a sheet, and project the game on “the big screen” outdoors.

Imagine your favorite team beating your not-so-favorite team, while you sip some frosty beverages and revel in the glory. There’s no place like your outdoor living space for that kind of fun.


Stock the Buffet with Junk Food

Football season equals pork rinds, potato chips, chicken wings, cheese deep, sausage, and candy. Call it a rite of passage, but junk food is a pillar of man cave fun.

And when it comes to food, it’s best enjoyed outdoors. If sugar and fat aren’t your thing, an even better game day plan is to cook out before kick off. Chow down on steaks and corn on the cob as the game goes on.

Grills. Now that’s something you miss out on with crummy indoor man caves.


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