Your Favorite Time for Composite Decking Fun

Fiberon's composite decking gives you the opportunity for fun, regardless of what’s happening outside. No matter what country you live in, or what season it is, your outdoor living space serves as your personal oasis.

So why not use it year-round?

You spark up cold nights with a  toasty fireplace, or splash around in the pool while the sun shines down. With your composite decking masterpiece in the backyard, the season never stops you from relaxation, socialization, and fun.

Whether you look out at rows of pine trees or marvel at mountain ranges, your deck gives you an opportunity to take a deep breath and get in touch with the scenery.

On your Fiberon composite decking sanctuary, you can enjoy the stars with a post-work beverage. Or you can spend a Saturday with the family lounging in the sun.

Really, it’s hard to pick a favorite time of day to spend time on your outdoor living space. We’ve got a few ideas to make your surroundings come alive while you hang out in your hammock, chair, or outdoor couch.



Enjoy the new splashes of color in the trees. Many people travel to other places simply to watch leaves turn yellow, red, and orange. If you are lucky enough to live in a rich foliage area, why not create an outdoor living space where you can enjoy the view up close? When Autumn comes around, the season gives you reason to pour a few hot ciders.

Take advantage of this season to spend quality time with friends and family. Your deck is the perfect spot to gather together and play your favorite card games. Take the board games and puzzles outside too. From the kids to the grandparents and everyone in between, your deck can become your outside game room.

We’d love to see you hosting a Halloween party on your composite deck. Carve a few jack o’ lanterns and complete them with battery-operated tea lights, set up an apple-bobbing station, and don't forget the candy bowls! That’s all it takes to get ready for an unforgettable celebration. Of course, costumes are a plus.



It’s the end of winter. Hooray! Pull out the shorts and T-shirts. Spring is a great time to set up a nice lunch spread on the deck table. Chitchat with friends, neighbors, and family as you sip lemonade, scarf potato chips, and grill hotdogs.

Even if spring brings red eyes and stuffy noses, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the warmth on your outdoor living space. Pop a few allergy pills, and get out there.



When winter rolls around, many people tuck themselves indoors. The truth is that your Fiberon outdoor living space will be there for you even when icicles hang from your rain gutters.

Use your deck’s fireplace to beat the winter blues. Light a roaring fire, drape an afghan over your shoulders, and roast some marshmallows for s’mores.  Cold weather should never stop the good times you spend on your deck.



Here comes the heat! If the cold draws people back indoors, summer often has the same hermit effect. Love the heat or hate it, summer is a call for deck action. Our advice: lounge around and cool off with some ice-cold beverages. Give yourself a tan (and some much-needed vitamin D) on your deck.

If you’ve got a pool on your outdoor living space, now’s the time to open that summertime fun spot. Blow up some floats, throw some toys in for the kiddos, and splash and swim until evening rolls around.



We love to start our day with inspiration, don’t you? When the rooster calls, he’s really sending you an invitation. To be your best self throughout the day, give yourself a few minutes of quiet time on the deck. Pour yourself a French Roast, listen to the birds sing, and enjoy the scenery on your outdoor living space.

Whether you look out at your kids’ swing set or you listen to babbling water, think about all the great things you’ve already built. If you’re headed to work, think about how wonderful it will be to succeed and relax afterward.



Saturdays are a great opportunity to “do nothing.” We recommend spending your afternoon doing nothing that even remotely resembles work. Take off those dishwashing gloves, put down the vacuum, and go sit on your deck.

When you “do nothing,” you’re actually doing something...something important. You’re recharging. Give yourself the downtime you need to be at your best. Enjoy life…nothing wrong with that!



Look, there’s the moon! If you live in a non-urban setting, the sky might be filled with stars. When the sky turns black, you can watch the fireflies dance or listen to the crickets chirp.

There’s nothing like a relaxing evening with the people you care about. When you get out of the house, your new environment will present a totally different atmosphere at night. Notice the sounds, smells and comfort of your outdoor space when the sun sets.

In the comments below, share your favorite time and season to have fun on your deck. There’s no wrong time to get more out of life.