"I'm not a person who likes to spend time maintaining, staining and weatherproofing decks. That's the beauty of the Fiberon deck. It stays looking beautiful. I love looking out at it."

Paul Huston and his family loved hanging out at home, enjoying the spectacular view from their deck. What they didn't love was the wooden deck itself. Maintenance was difficult and soon – too soon, says Paul – splinters and other issues cropped up. That's when they made the switch to a Fiberon composite deck.

In addition to providing a smooth, splinter-free surface, their new Fiberon Horizon deck has more style to it, says Paul. "The railing has a lot more character than what you'd see on a lot of wooden decks . . . it really complements the backyard . . . we're thrilled with it."

Today Paul has a gorgeous space that maximizes the beauty of his natural surroundings and gives him plenty of free time to enjoy them. That's a win any way you look at it.