Composite Cladding

Ideal choice for rain screen applications

Natural wood beauty meets advanced composite technology

Fiberon cladding is the smart choice for beautiful, low-maintenance rain screen exteriors.

Composite Cladding in Action

Rain screen systems are an effective, eco-friendly way to manage moisture in the building envelope. A key element is durable cladding that deflects water and adds aesthetic appeal. Fiberon cladding is the answer.

Available in eight striking, multi-tonal colors that emulate natural hardwoods, Fiberon composite cladding delivers a range of benefits not found with wood, fiber-cement, or other common materials. A solid wood-composite core prevents splintering, cracking, insect infestation, and decay. The four-sided, patented PermaTech® cap layer delivers exceptional stain and fade resistance. Fiberon cladding is easy to install and never needs painting, staining, or refinishing, so long-term costs of ownership are significantly lower, too.

Product Details
  • Eco-friendly content

    Fiberon cladding contains 94% recycled content, comprising recycled plastics and lumber mill scraps. There are no toxic chemicals or finishing products used, and no carcinogens released during cutting.

    Eco Friendly
  • Low maintenance

    Both Symmetry and Horizon feature an exclusive PermaTech cap layer that resists staining and fading. That eliminates the need for re-painting or re-staining, which means big savings over the long term.

    Perma Cap
  • Stunning, real-wood looks

    Fiberon cladding is available in eight striking wood tones. Symmetry features a matte finish and subtle, multi-tonal streaking. Horizon features a traditional finish and more dramatic, multi-tonal streaking.

    Stunning Real Wood Looks
  • Warranty

    Fiberon cladding is warranted for rain screen applications

    • 25-year performance limited residential warranty
    • 20-year finish limited residential warranty
      • 20 years cracking and delamination
      • 5 years fading color change of 5 delta E
    • 10-year performance and finish limited commercial warranty
      • 10 years cracking and delamination
      • 5 years fading color change of 5 delta E

    See complete warranty details

  • Technical Information

    Product Details

    • Made from durable wood-plastic composite with co-extruded, four-sided PermaTech® cap layer that provides exceptional stain and fade resistance
    • Boards work with horizontal, vertical, or diagonal applications
    • Dimensionally stable
    • Cladding boards available in 12 ft., 16 ft., and 20 ft. lengths
    • Nominal dimensions: .935 in. x 5.4 in.
    • Board Weight: 2.36 lbs./lineal ft.
    • Offered in two collections: Symmetry and Horizon
        • Symmetry features a matte finish, subtle streaking, and four earthy colors: Burnt Umber; Cinnabar; Graphite; and Warm Sienna
        • Horizon features a traditional finish, dramatic streaking, and four distinct shades: Castle Gray; Ipe; Rosewood; and Tudor Brown

    Eco-friendly Material

    • Contains 94% pre- and post-consumer recycled content (plastics and wood scraps)
    • Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives (unlike treated wood products)
    • No carcinogens released during cutting (unlike fiber-cement products)
    • Diverts 70,000+ tons of wood and plastics from landfills and incinerators each year

    Technical Documentation

    WARNING: California Proposition 65 and Fiberon Products


  • FAQs
    Is cladding a new product for Fiberon?

    No, cladding is a new application for our Symmetry and Horizon decking products, both recognized for their stunning wood-like aesthetics, lasting durability, and easy maintenance. Fiberon cladding gives architects and specifiers a beautiful, long-lasting design option that never needs re-painting, re-staining, or re-finishing – and that can mean significant savings on long-term maintenance costs.

    Why would I choose a decking product for a cladding application?

    Fiberon composite boards have been tested and trusted by contractors for years. They have been designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of regular foot traffic without sacrificing appearance or performance, so you can feel confident when specifying them for cladding projects.

    Plus, unlike ordinary cladding options, Fiberon composite cladding won’t peel, split, crack, or rot. It’s dimensionally stable, easy to install, and deflects only negligible amounts of water – unlike brick or stucco, which absorb water quite readily.

    Where can I find Fiberon cladding?

    Like all Fiberon products, the cladding is available through a wide network of Fiberon distributors and dealers. Use our “Where to Buy” tool to locate the Fiberon dealer nearest to you.

    Want to see a sample first? Here’s how to order.

    Does Fiberon provide a complete rain screen system solution?

    Fiberon offers a durable composite cladding that provides an elegant wood-like façade for a rain screen application. Cladding is only one component within a rain screen system.

    Other elements include: weather-resistive barrier (rated for continuous UV exposure), furring material, and flashing at all penetration points and cladding transitions.

    Note that the air gap between the weather-resistive barrier and exterior cladding can be as narrow as 3/8.” This will still enable drainage and drying.

    Fiberon composite cladding is a smart choice for rain screen applications because it is easy to source, install, and maintain; does not absorb water readily; and is available in a wide range of rich wood tones, each with multi-tonal streaking and authentic grain patterns.

    What are the differences between Symmetry and Horizon?

    Both collections feature the same PermaTech® cap layer for stain and fade resistance and durable composite construction; however, each has its own distinct look.

    Symmetry has a matte finish and subtle multi-tonal streaking. Offered in four earthy colors (Burnt Umber, Cinnabar, Graphite, and Warm Sienna), Symmetry delivers a rich, understated look. Horizon has a more traditional finish and dramatic multi-tonal streaking. Choose from Ipe, Rosewood, Castle Gray, and Tudor Brown.

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