Concordia Decking Symmetry

Beautifully balanced


Science and nature in perfect balance

You’ve never seen decking quite like this.

Concordia Decking Symmetry in Action

Symmetry Decking offers the most natural look, feel, and colour palette available today in luxury composite decking, all balanced with time-tested durability and performance.

The low-gloss formulation and unique micro-texturing process create a beautiful matte finish. Multi-tonal streaking echoes elegant hardwoods. And the colours? Inspired by natural elements and pigments, the palette is subdued yet striking.

Equally impressive is the uncompromising performance and easy maintenance. Our four-sided PermaTech cap layer resists fading and staining, while the durable composite core means no splintering, cracking, insect infestation, or decay.

  • Beautiful, realistic wood looks

    Exotic wood tones and grains emulate hardwoods.

  • Easy to clean for true low maintenance

    Clean with soap and water or mild household cleaners.

  • When Safety Counts

    Unlike wood, composite decking won't splinter or crack, making your home safer for bare feet, small children and pets.

  • Never stain or paint your terrace again

    Composite decking frees you from the maintenance of wood.

  • Good for the environment

    Created from recycled content, our composites are toxin-free and produced using sustainable methods.

  • Warranty

    Fiberon Symmetry Decking is backed by the following three warranties. See complete details:

    1. 25-year Residential Limited Warranty against checking, splintering, delamination, rot, and structural damage from fungal decay
    2. 25-year Residential Stain and Fade Limited Warranty
    3. 10-year Commercial Limited Warranty against checking, splintering, delamination, rot, and structural damage from fungal decay
  • Technical Information
    • Board Profile Dimensions: 24 mm x 137 mm
    • Square Edge Board Lengths: 2.44 m
    • Grooved Edge Board Lengths: 2.44 m; 3.05 m*; 3.66 m; 4.25 m*; and 4.88 m
    • Reversible: Yes
    • Material: Wood-plastic composite core with co-extruded PermaTech cap on 4 sides
    • Multi-chromatic colours: Burnt Umber; Cinnabar; Graphite; and Warm Sienna
    • Solid Colours: N/A
    • Span Limitations
      • Perpendicular to joist = 304.8 mm
      • Up to 45° angle to joist = 406.4 mm
      • Stair tread spacing = 228.6 mm
    • Fascia Boards: 19 mm x 285 mm x 3.66 m
    • Riser Boards: Not available
    • Surface fasteners: Not available
    • Hidden fasteners: Yes
    • Cortex fasteners: Yes

    *available by special order in select colours

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  • FAQs
    ​Why don’t I see a repeating pattern on Symmetry boards like I do with some other decking?

    Symmetry Decking is manufactured to have more random, natural graining than you’ll find with other deck boards. There are no visible repeats or easy-to-discern patterns.

    ​How do I clean Symmetry Decking?

    For general cleaning, use soap and water or mild household cleaners.

    How much ventilation is required under a deck?

    It is very important that there be adequate and unobstructed air flow under the deck to prevent excessive water absorption. Improve drainage or grade flat areas where standing water may gather. For decks with limited ventilation, six inches of clear ventilation is required.

    What if my decking gets scratched?

    In the same way that wood decking materials can get marred or gouged, the surface of composite decking can also be scratched. Horizon Decking is the Fiberon products most resistant to scratches. If scratches do occur, we recommend allowing normal wear marks to disappear gradually.