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Take time to unwind with Fiberon Good Life decking. Perfect for hosting neighbourhood gatherings, enjoying a summer dinner with your family or relaxing outside after a long week, Good Life offers unbeatable performance and durability for any decking project.

Escapes Collection features multi-tonal colours that resemble exotic hardwoods.
Weekender Collection features solid colours for a traditional stained deck look. Durable, long-lasting and closer in price to wood.

  • Authentic wooden look features distinct grain patterns.
  • Contains 96% recycled content.
  • Composite construction prevents splintering, cracking and decay. Three-sided cap layer resists staining and fading.
  • Features a highly slip-resistant surface.*

*Achieved R12 as tested using DIN 51130:2014

Features and Options
  • Never stain or paint your terrace again

    Composite decking frees you from the maintenance of wood.

  • Beauty that lasts a lifetime and beyond

    Backed by a lifetime limited warranty, our composites won't stain or fade.

  • Good for the environment

    Created from recycled content, our composites are toxin-free and produced using sustainable methods.

  • Good financial sense

    Our composites' long life, and low maintenance requirements help you safe money in the long run.

  • When Safety Counts

    Unlike wood, composite decking won't splinter or crack, making your home safer for bare feet, small children and pets.

  • Warranty

    The Good Life Escapes Collection is backed by a 30-year warranty covering stain, fade and performance.

    The Good Life Weekender Collection is backed by a 25-year warranty covering stain, fade and performance.

  • Technical Information
    • Relief bottom
    • Square Edge: 23 mm x 133 mm
      Lengths: 2.44 m, 3.66 m and 4.88 m
    • Grooved Edge: 23 mm x 133 mm
      Lengths: 2.44 m, 3.66 m and 4.88 m
    • Fascia: 19 mm x 283 mm x 3.66 m
    • Riser Board: 19 mm x 184 mm x 3.66 m
    • Boards are not reversible
    • Material: Durable outer surface is bonded on three sides of polyethylene and wood composite core
    • Span Limitations
      Perpendicular to joist: 406 mm
      Up to 45° angle to joist: 305 mm
      Stair stringer spacing: 305 mm
    • Surface fasteners: Yes
    • Hidden fasteners: Yes
  • FAQs
    Do Fiberon products require water sealing?

    No. Fiberon products require only periodic cleaning with soap and water. Deck sealants are not required or recommended.