Terrace Fasteners

The right hardware for the job

Hidden fasteners or face fasteners?

The choice is yours.

When you're building a terrace, little details can make a big difference. Like fasteners. Fiberon Phantom hidden fasteners keep deck boards secure and provide a smooth surface that's a treat for your eyes as well as your toes. Prefer a more traditional approach? Choose Fiberon Cortex face fasteners. Installed on the terrace surface, Cortex fasteners grip tight. And they include color-matched plugs to minimize the hardware's appearance and ensure a beautiful, flawless finish.

Whether they're out of sight or on the surface, count on Fiberon fasteners for a lasting hold, easy installation, and a look you're sure to love.

The Phantom series of hidden fasteners
  • PhantomGT-deck-fastener
  • phantomec-deck-fastener
    PhantomEC End Clip
  • phantom20-deck-fastener
    Fiberon Phantom20 Hidden Fasteners
  • phantom20ec-deck-fastener
    Phantom20EC End Clip

Phantom GT, Phantom EC (End Clip), and Phantom 20 EC Hidden Fasteners

  • Ensure lasting hold in a traditional metal fastener design.
  • Made from stainless steel with corrosion-resistant coating.
  • More "teeth" and sharper curves enable a better board grip for a strong hold to the joist.
  • Keyhole design properly orients and seats the screw for optimal installation.
  • Butt Joint fasteners eliminate the need to double joist or use two fasteners at joints.
  • End Clip Fasteners eliminate surface fasteners at the beginning and end boards of the terrace.
  • Phantom GT Fasteners work with 24 mm interior deck boards.
  • Phantom EC (End Clip) Fasteners work with 24 mm perimeter boards.
  • Phantom 20 Fasteners are designed specifically for use with 20 mm interior deck boards.
  • Phantom 20 EC (End Clip) Fasteners are designed specifically for use with 20 mm and Paramount PVC perimeter boards.

Cortex Screws for Hidden Face-Fastening
  • fiberon-cortex-screws
    Fiberon Cortex Screws
  • Fiberon Cortex Screws are installed on the board's surface.
  • A colour-matched plus is tapped in to minimize the appearance of the hardware.
  • Use with square edge or grooved boards.
  • Pre-drilling is strongly recommended in all instances.
  • May be used on stairs.
  • Not for use on fascia.
  • This is the only approved hidden face fastener for Fiberon Decking.
Cortex Screws are available in the following colours:
Paramount Decking Symmetry Decking Horizon Decking
  • Flagstone
  • Sandstone
  • Brownstone
  • Burnt Umber
  • Cinnabar
  • Warm Sienna
  • Graphite
  • Castle Gray
  • Ipe
  • Rosewood
  • Tudor Brown

Available in boxes for 304.8 mm on-centre installations (30.4 linear metres of coverage).

Available in buckets (300 lineal feet of coverage) that contain 1,050 6.3 cm screws, 1,200 colour-matched plugs, and six setting tools.

  • Warranty

    Phantom Hidden Fasteners are backed by a 20 -year limited residential warranty and a 5-year limited commercial warranty. For details, see complete warranty information.

  • Technical Information

    Phantom 20 Hidden Fasteners and Phantom 20 EC Hidden Fasteners

    • Phantom 20 Hidden Fasteners are designed for Fiberon 20 mm boards.
    • Available in boxes of 90 fasteners, 95 screws and 1 drive bit (4.65 m2 of coverage for 406 mm on centre or 2.79 m2 for 305 mm on centre -- max for Phantom 20) or buckets of 900 (46.45 m2) for 406 mm on-centre installations.
    • Sold separately, Phantom 20EC come in bags of 25 clips, 40 screws and one driver bit for 7.62 linear m coverage, 305 mm on-centre installations.

    Phantom Ballistic Screws

    • Available in 900 count buckets (includes driver bits).
    • Ballistic NailScrew Driver Kit includes driver, swivel hose fitting, belt hook, safety glasses, Allen keys and oil.

    Fiberon Phantom HP Hidden Fasteners and Phantom 20EC End Clips

    • Designed specifically for Paramount Decking
    • Available in boxes of 90 (4.65 m2 coverage with 406 mm on centre installations)
    • Fiberon Phantom 20EC End Clip Hidden Fasteners are specially designed for Paramount Decking and 20 mm Fiberon board.
    • Sold separately, Phantom 20EC comes in bags of 25 clips, 40 screws and one driver bit for 7.62 linear m coverage, 305 mm on-centre installations.

    Fiberon Cortex® Screws for Hidden Face-Fastening

    • Horizon Decking: Fasteners available in 30.5m quantities in Castle Gray; Ipe; Rosewood; Tudor Brown
    • Symmetry Decking: Fasteners available in 30.5m quantities in Burnt Umber; Cinnabar; Warm Sienna; Graphite
    • Paramount PVC Decking: Fasteners available in 30.5m and 28m² quantities in Flagstone; Sandstone; Brownstone

    Each 30.5m box includes 224 63.5mm screws, 300 color match plugs, and 2 setting tools needed for installation.

    Each 28m² box includes 1,050 63.5mm screws, 1,200 color match plugs, and 6 setting tools needed for installation.

    Cortex products now feature the following enhancements:

    • TORX®TTAP® Drive System: This system removes fasteners easily, and is almost impossible to strip out. The stability button keeps fastener straight through installation.
    • Modified Fastener: New thread design reduces installation torque and dramatically increases fastener strength.
    • Stronger Setting Tool: Optimized for the rigors of professional contractor use. Stronger bit material and industrial grade felt enable you to install 350 fasteners with one Cortex Setting Tool.

    Fiberon-approved fasteners are designed to accommodate normal dimensional changes without material fracture or change in holding capability, and are recommended for installation of Fiberon decking products. Any use of unapproved fasteners, including biscuits or nails, may lead to product failure and void the product warranty.

  • FAQs
    Can Fiberon Phantom Hidden Deck Fasteners be used with decking other than Fiberon?

    Phantom Fasteners are for use with most composite decking products. Non-grooved composite decking boards can be grooved** with a slot cutting bit to accommodate the Phantom Fastener. Recommended bits are:

    • UFO, PN: The Groover
    • Woodstock International, PN: DC1098
    • Bosch, PN: 85530M
    • Sears, PN: SPM215190769
    • Sears, PN: SPM215190779
    • Grizzly Industrial, PN: C1098

    **Cutting grooves or slots into deck boards may void the manufacturer's warranty. Fiberon does not warrant or guarantee your warranty will remain valid.