Terrace Maintenance & Care

Here's how to keep your terrace looking like new:
  • Ensure minimum 15 cm ventilation under terrace and required spacing between decking boards.
  • Improve drainage or grade soil to eliminate standing water under terraces.
  • Direct downspouts, downspout extensions and splash guards away from terraces.
  • Position dryer vents away from terraces.
  • Maintain a terrace that is dry and clean.
  • Clean your terrace as often as needed, at least twice each year.
  • Use extreme caution with pressure washers and use at pressures less than 103 bar at 30 cm above deck surface. Pressure washing is not recommended when mold/mildew are present on the terrace.
  • Keep debris out of gaps between the decking boards so rain showers can remove pollen and organic debris between cleanings.
  • Minimise the use of wet mulch up against the terrace structure.
  • Items stored directly on top of the terrace surface, such as flower pots, prohibit water evaporation and can cause some staining of the deck surface.
  • Use of wrought iron railing or other carbon steel materials in contact with or above an uncapped composite terrace surface may cause dark extractive staining.
Deck Maintenance and Care Documents

For detailed information please refer to the following documents: