How do I remove a damaged deck board that was installed with Phantom hidden fasteners?

If a board is damaged and needs replacing, the method for removal will vary by fastener style.

  • For Phantom Universal fasteners, simply reverse out the screw to remove the fastener, lift out the damaged board, replace with a new board, and re-fasten.
  • For Phantom GT fasteners, do the following:
    • Make two parallel cuts down the middle of the damaged board and remove the center section.
    • Using a small pry bar, removed the two remaining decking pieces from the fastener prongs.
    • Use pliers to remove the prongs on the sides of the board on which the screw heads are now visible.
    • Position a new board carefully into place, and drive it onto the remaining prongs.
    • Set the board into the proper position and secure the lead edge with a finish screw or nail.

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