What is the difference between Phantom Universal Hidden Fasteners and Phantom GT Hidden Fasteners?

Fiberon Phantom universal Fasteners are high-quality HDPE material with a carbon steel-coated screw that has been pre-inserted for faster, easier installations. The Phantom universal fastener provides superior lateral movement control when tested against the leading competitor’s plastic fastener. It installs with one touch and ensures consistent 3/16” gapping between boards. Plus, plastic fasteners are less expensive to manufacture than metal fasteners, so the cost savings is passed along to the customer.

The Fiberon Phantom GT Hidden Fastener is made from stainless steel with a corrosion-resistant coating. It has more “teeth” and dual limiting tabs to ensure consistent board spacing and eliminate the twisting that often occurs with single tab fasteners. The Phantom GT fastener is a good choice for contractors and DIYers who prefer a traditional metal fastener.

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