Deckhands LLC

Fiberon Partner

    Our mission is to become Connecticut’s premiere builder and contractor of all outdoor living spaces.  We strive to provide each customer with quality craftsmanship, workmanship, and materials to ensure a long lasting product and each costumers’ complete satisfaction. We aim to become the pinnacle of innovation in the deck and porch design and construction industry and set the market standards through the latest materials and construction techniques. DeckHands LLC will grow by being comprised of properly trained professionals who take pride in their craft, being focused on the satisfaction of each customer, as well as the growth of the company.

    DeckHands LLC is a sister company of Artisan Remodeling & Carpentry LLC concentrating on the design and construction of outdoor living spaces. We have almost twenty years of building and remodeling experience, and our company has been built upon the principles of a hard days work and honest pricing. We have built hundreds of decks, porches and sunrooms in every style and material. Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction our output of outdoor living spaces in Connecticut have grown every year since introducing ourselves in 2001.
DeckHands LLC is a design and construction company that solely builds decks, porches and sunrooms and we are registered installers of most composite decking systems and composite building materials.
    Due to our efficiency and experience we are able to provide customers with affordable pricing for high quality work. Top quality construction will last for years, be safe for children and pets, hold it’s value and be extremely functional. Our planning, preparation and designs sets us apart from other deck companies, we also have small but highly experienced building crews in order to keep the construction costs low. With proper planning we can ensure that your every need is covered and leaves you years of enjoyment instead of a lifetime of repairs, changes or additions.
    A well planned deck isn’t just a deck, it can become the most used part of your house. People can spend 7 Months or more in the open air enjoying the great outdoors if they have a properly planned outdoor living space. Just because most outdoor projects don’t cost as much as a high end kitchen, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve the same attention. If you are spending money as a consumer you should be treated with dignity, respect and receive quality goods or services, and we see to it that you are. We put a tremendous amount of pride into each project and repair we do and understand we are nothing without our customers.
    Our Head of Design has almost 40 years or architectural experience, our construction personnel and sub-contractors are fully trained and qualified. This ensures every aspect of your project is done on time, up to code, of the highest quality craftsmanship and makes it possible for DeckHands to Warranty every project or repair for a period of 36 Months.

    You contact DeckHands LLC to inquire about building an outdoor living space, a sales representative will answer any preliminary questions you may have and they will ask you some general questions about your location and type of project. We will then have a representative make an appointment at your convenience and will meet with you at the site of the construction to assess your property and work space. We will then discuss with you your style, needs and your intended use or uses to ensure the look and functionality. From there your project manager will thoroughly research material pricing and availability, create a project timeline and create a project proposal for you. The proposal will include a breakdown of material and labor costs and a construction timeline. Based on your acceptance we will either modify the proposal to fit your desired changes or we will begin the preparation process; pulling a permit, ordering materials, setting up building inspections and contracting any necessary sub-contractors. From the acceptance of a contract to the beginning of the construction is usually between two to four weeks from the signing of the contract depending on the desired materials for the project. Upon the completion of the project, your project manager will go through the project with you to ensure your satisfaction. You will receive an invoice for the cost of the project, your project warranty, and instructions for cleaning.

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