Fiberon Partner
We partner with prospects who want to build a new home, and are concerned that if they don’t find the right builder, they may not get what they really want. Most of them want their home to be some form of creative expression, and have heard horror stories about builders taking over their project and making it the builders project instead of theirs. They’re usually also scared that costs and schedule will get out of control, and no matter what their contract says it will be late and over budget.

Fiberon Partner contractors are independent agents. They are neither employees nor agents of Fiber Composites LLC (dba Fiberon). The 'Find a Builder' feature is provided for informational purposes only. Fiberon makes no representations or warranties regarding the service, performance, acts, or omissions of any contractor listed here. As such, Fiberon is not liable in any way for services provided by said contractors. It is the homeowner's responsibility to evaluate and select an appropriate contractor. Homeowner rights are governed by the terms of any contract the homeowners elects to enter into with a particular contractor.