Posh Home Improvements

Fiberon Partner
Posh Home Improvements provides residential and commercial customers with meticulous workmanship and quality service. As a Maryland Green Registry member and active Energy Star partner, Posh embraces sustainable practices while encouraging residential and commercial customers to elevate sustainable efforts through the installation and utilization of green materials, super-energy efficient appliances, and environmentally friendly fixtures. Ultimately, our team seeks to establish and maintain a five zeros vision on every project: Zero loss-making projects, Zero work site accidents, Zero environmental incidents, Zero ethical breaches, and Zero defects!

Fiberon Partner contractors are independent agents. They are neither employees nor agents of Fiber Composites LLC (dba Fiberon). The 'Find a Builder' feature is provided for informational purposes only. Fiberon makes no representations or warranties regarding the service, performance, acts, or omissions of any contractor listed here. As such, Fiberon is not liable in any way for services provided by said contractors. It is the homeowner's responsibility to evaluate and select an appropriate contractor. Homeowner rights are governed by the terms of any contract the homeowners elects to enter into with a particular contractor.