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Three Reasons to Light Your Outdoor Living Space

Published Fri Oct 22, 2021

Last Updated Thu Nov 11, 2021
When many people imagine their dream deck, they picture how big it will be, what color it’ll be, how many levels it will have, what they’ll do on it.
Three Reasons to Light Your Outdoor Living Space

But most of the time, they don’t think about how they will light their deck. Sure, your standard porch light will light your deck. Without using a harsh floodlight, however, it’s likely that portions of your deck are in shadows. Here are three reasons you should consider built-in lighting for your deck.

Safety First

deck lighting

As the days grow longer so do your deck parties. But twilight shifts to night pretty quickly and the edges of your deck can be hard to see, which can be dangerous even if your deck sits on the ground. Recessed deck accent lighting can be used to define the edges of your deck, helping to ensure that nobody accidentally walks over the edge because they don’t know where it is.

Another potential danger in the dark is your stairs. Riser lighting is available to illuminate each step, for added safety and awareness.

Mood Lighting

Deck Lighting

Nothing beats spending a date night out on the deck, but the harsh light from a porch light can really ruin a romantic dinner. With remote-controlled dimmable in-deck lights, you can easily adjust the level of light to match the mood (and maybe limit the number of six-legged guests)!

A New Level of Sophistication

Deck lighting

The difference between an average deck and an outdoor living space is all in the details.  Built-in deck lighting brings a design together and adds a level of sophistication that a standard back porch light cannot. Lighting in your railing posts, stair risers and recessed into the deck elevate a deck from average to exceptional.


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