Wood alternatives for easy, carefree living.

Fiberon offers PE and PVC decking in a variety of price ranges, colors and grain patterns, making it easy for you to find the right product for your outdoor living space. Each decking collection is crafted from durable, low-maintenance materials, and backed by industry-leading warranties of up to 50 years.

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PVC Decking

PVC decking is lightweight and absorbs very little moisture, making it ideal for use around wet or damp areas including docks and pools. PVC construction provides durability, a high level of fire resistance and UV protection.

Discover the aesthetic of handcrafted wood decking combined with the benefits of premium PVC.

Hearth and Mantel Collections

Explore high-performance, low-maintenance PVC decking, offered in two unique color collections.

PE Decking

Composite polyethylene (PE) decking contains recycled plastics and wood flour components combined to form a durable composite material that is long lasting and requires little maintenance. PE decking is perfect for creating a classic, traditional outdoor living space, or experimenting with different colors and layouts to design a unique, modern look.

Astir, Horizon® and Symmetry® Collections

Premium decking combining classicand on-trend colors and grain patterns with unbeatable performance.

Sanctuary decking features bold, multi-tonal colors and rustic embossing for a beautiful, easy-to-maintain look.

Escapes and Weekender Collections

Priced closer to wood, Good Life decking includes classic multi-tonal and solid hues, perfect for creating a casual outdoor living space.

Available exclusively at The Home Depot. Discover rich, exotic wood colors featuring low-maintenance durability.

Available exclusively at The Home Depot. The Veranda Builder's Select Collection offers two versatile, solid colors.

Capping Color Warranty Fire Rating Price
4-Sided 6 Multi-Tonal

50-year Limited Stain and Fade, Limited Lifetime Warranty

Class A & WUI $$$
Mantel & Hearth Collections
3-Sided 2 Multi-Tonal, 2 Solid

50-year Limited Stain and Fade, Limited Lifetime Warranty

Class A & WUI $$
Astir, Symmetry & Horizon Collections
4-Sided Reversible 8 Multi-Tonal

50-year Limited Stain and Fade, Limited Lifetime

None $$$
3-Sided 5 Solid

40-year Limited Stain, Fade, and Performance

Class B & WUI $$
Good Life
Escapes Collection
3-Sided 4 Multi-Tonal

30-year Limited Stain, Fade, and Performance

Class B & WUI $
Weekender Collection 3-Sided 2 Solid

25-year Limited Stain, Fade, and Performance

Class B & WUI $
3-Sided 2 Solid

25-year Limited Stain, Fade, and Performance

None $

The science behind sustainable outdoor living.

Longer lifespan, lower cost of ownership.

From replacing splintered boards to reapplying stain or paint, the average pressure-treated deck needs a lot of maintenance. A Fiberon deck? Less than $50 in annual maintenance costs and a high-end look that lasts.

Sustainable from start to finish.

Our composites are manufactured using sustainable processes, featuring the best qualities of recycled wood combined with the long-lasting resilience of recycled plastic.

Your ultimate outdoor space begins here.

Build your outdoor oasis.

See how landscape designer Sara Bendrick uses fiberon decking to create a perfect space for relaxing or entertaining!

Bring your deck design to life.

Fiberon Discovery Deck Design Tools take the guesswork out of planning your outdoor living space project and provide you with the resources you need to navigate your deck design journey - from start to finish.

Browse our gallery of projects featuring Fiberon decking, created by real homeowners and trade pros.

Note: Some product installations and configurations shown are not covered by the Fiberon warranty. See your Fiberon seller or visit the warranty information page for details on limited warranties and exclusions.