PRO PLUG DECK SYSTEM hidden fasteners

PRO PLUG DECK SYSTEM hidden fasteners

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The PRO PLUG® SYSTEM is a superior and easy-to-install plug fastening system for PVC / composite decking and PVC trim. Drill and set each screw, then tap in the color-matched plug with a hammer for a smooth finish.
  • Package includes PVC / Composite Tool, screws and plugs.
  • Pre-drilling is required at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. We strongly recommend pre-drilling in all instances.
  • Plugs are made from composite deck fascia material for a perfect match.
  • PVC / Composite Tool features Auto-Stop clutch mechanism.

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Technical Specifications

PRO PLUG DECK SYSTEM hidden fasteners

100 l/f coverage: 224 ct. box of #10 x 2-3⁄4 in. epoxy-coated carbon steel screws and T-20 drive head. 300 color-matched plugs. ProPlug screw setting tool included (not sold separately). (based on 16 in. on-center framing).

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