Are Fiberon products slippery when wet?

Slip resistance testing under ASTM methods conducted by Fiberon on Fiberon manufactured capped decking products met or exceeded the recommendations of OSHA. An average of both dry and wet conditions was used in the testing evaluation and resulted in coefficient of friction (COF) averages of .50 or higher. All capped decking products manufactured by Fiberon have a micro-texture pattern in the surface embossing to increase slip resistance. Fiberon Paramount Decking has a high slip resistance when tested according to ASTM F 1679 with a dry/wet rating of .85/.82.

Although there are specified ASTM methods of measuring slip resistance, there is currently no building code requirement for minimum slip resistance. Methods used to test the relationship of the foot to the surface material measure the slip resistance to lateral movement caused by contact between two surfaces. Slip-resistance tests that are correctly performed under different consensus standards may produce different results. Variables that affect slip resistance include, shoe tread, stride, speed of stride, debris on surface, amount of moisture present and weight.

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