Deck Fasteners

The right hardware for the job.

Optimal performance and universal adaptability

Fasteners designed to enhance the overall finish of your project.

Engineered for optimal performance and universal adaptability to any Fiberon deck, these fasteners are designed to enhance the overall finish of your deck project while offering flexibility to suit a varied range of uses and applications.

Hidden Grooved Fastener Systems

This popular choice offers versatile solutions for grooved deck boards to create a smooth, flawless surface.

Fiberon and CAMO® create products for the consumer who wants to install a beautiful deck and have the best experience possible. We value trusted products that are easy to use and help build a perfect deck every time. As the industry professionals’ first choice, and with a first-class consumer warranty, this partnership is bound to build for a lifetime.

Fiberon® EDGE®, EDGEX® and EDGEXMETAL® Clips
  • Install decking in half the time with award-winning Fiberon EDGE and EDGEX Clips.
  • Fiberon EDGE and EDGEX Clips are designed for use on all grooved decking, including PE and PVC.
  • Fiberon EDGE Clips are for 90-degree deck patterns.
  • Fiberon EDGEX Clips are for any deck pattern.
  • Pre-assembled, one-pass fasteners do not require partial installation and are easier to install with the included NEVER-MISS™ Guide.
  • Clip creates 3/16-in. spacing.
  • Gusset holds the board down, is up to 88% stronger than competitor’s clips in lateral movement tests, and up to 50% stronger than competitor’s clips in uplift holding power tests.*
  • Fiberon EDGEXMETAL Clips are available with a #7 x 2-in. 410 stainless steel screw withdrill point, #2 tip for 14-18 gauge (1.21-1.91 mm) metal framing.

*Based on independent third-party testing.

Fiberon® STARTER Clip
  • Achieve a fastener-free deck surface on any grooved board.
  • Versatile clip that is an easy to install and can also be used as an L-Bracket.

Fiberon Phantom® Universal Hidden Fastener
  • Easy to install, helps minimize lateral board movement and works with most leading grooved composite decking brands.
  • Black HDPE fastener with pre-inserted screw practically disappears between deck boards.
  • Carbon steel-coated screw helps prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Pre-inserted screw enables easy one-touch installation.
  • Self-gapping design ensures consistent 3/16-in. spacing between every board.
Hidden Plug Systems

Color-matched plugs camouflage screw heads across the deck surface, stairs and perimeter boards.

The PRO PLUG® SYSTEM is a superior and easy-to-install plug fastening system for PVC / composite decking and PVC trim. Drill and set each screw, then tap in the color-matched plug with a hammer for a smooth finish.

Starborn® PRO PLUG® SYSTEM Deck
  • Pre-drilling is required at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. We strongly recommend pre-drilling in all instances.
  • Not for use on fascia or risers.
  • Package includes PVC / Composite Tool, screws, and plugs.
  • Plugs are made from Fiberon® deck material for a perfect match.
  • PVC / Composite Tool features Auto-Stop™ clutch mechanism.
Starborn PRO PLUG SYSTEM Fascia

Consists of two components: Fascia Plug Tool Set / Fascia Plug and Screw Kit.

  • Fascia Plug Tool Set features Auto-Stop™ bit for setting ideal screw depth and creates perfectly-sized holes for boards to expand and contract freely.
  • Plugs are made from composite deck fascia material for a perfect match.
  • Can be used with composite risers.
  • Fascia Plug Tool Set sold separately.
  • Not available for PVC Fascia systems.
Color-Matched Screws
Cap-Tor® xd Color-Matched Screws
  • Cap-Tor xd screws are color matched to Fiberon decking.
  • Available for PE and PVC deck boards.
  • Epoxy-coated carbon steel (T-20 Star bit included).
  • 305 Grade Stainless Steel version also available (T-20 Star bit included).
  • Use with Smart-Bit® Depth Setter for perfect depth setting every time
    (Part #: SCREW CTBRD BIT sold separately).
Starborn Fascia System
  • Pre-drilling and countersinking Fascia Tool with patented Smart-Bit technology.
  • Designed to handle expansion and contraction that can occur with deck fascia boards.
  • Screws are color matched to Fiberon fascia.
  • Epoxy-coated carbon steel screws (T-20 Star bit included).
  • Fascia Tool bit sold separately (Part #: SCREW CTFS BIT).
  • Also for use on riser boards.
Fiberon ArmorGuard Fasteners
Fiberon ArmorGuard EDGE® Hidden Deck Clips by CAMO®

Fiberon and CAMO create products engineered for optimal performance and universal adaptability to any deck. These fasteners will enhance the overall finish of your deck project while offering flexibility to suit a varied range of uses and applications.

CAMO Tools

Quickly move from board to board with these easy-to-use tools from CAMO. Each tool helps provide an installation process that is both faster and easier on your knees and back.


Install decking up to 5X faster with the cordless stand-up deck fastening tool that attaches to your drill.

  • Installs Fiberon® EDGE®, Fiberon EDGEX® Clips and EDGEXMETAL®.
  • Stand-up tool allows you to have a faster installation than other methods that’s also easier on your body.
  • Tool is easy to use – adjustable handle, quick-change button to swap out included fastening guides, simple to load the bit and attach to your drill.
  • Also fastens CAMO collated EDGE Deck Screws and CAMO Collated Face Screws (available through CAMO).
  • Replacement T-15 Drive™ bits are available.
  • One-year warranty through CAMO.

Straightens and locks in deck boards.

  • Speeds up grooved deck installs – locks-in rows of boards and clips before fastening.
  • Strong enough to straighten warped boards.
  • Adjusts to wood and metal joists 1-1/2 – 3 in. wide for jobsite versatility.
  • Multi-directional lever locks in one turn.
  • Use 2 – 4 LEVERS along the length of the deck for the best clip installation experience with consistent board spacing.
  • One-year warranty through CAMO.
  • Fasten grooved decking while comfortably standing.
  • For exclusive use with Fiberon EDGE, EDGEX or EDGEXMETAL fasteners on grooved decking.
  • Ergonomic tool features a height-adjustable handle, making it the perfect fit for any installer.
  • Weighted nose easily targets the screw head, speeding up your jobs.
  • Non-marring nose tip prevents scuffs and rings.
  • Contractor-grade tool is heavy-duty yet lightweight and quick to assemble.
  • Easy attachment to your standard drill (not for use with impact drivers).
  • Long-lasting T-15 Driver Bit is included.
  • One-year warranty through CAMO.
  • Warranty

    Fiberon Universal, Phantom and ArmorGuard branded Hidden Fasteners ("Fiberon Fastener") as listed on are backed by a 20-year limited residential warranty and a 5-year limited commercial warranty.

    Fiberon EDGE®, EDGEX®, EDGEXMETAL®, STARTER and ArmorGuard EDGE® Hidden Deck Clips, and are backed by a lifetime limited residential and commercial warranties.

    For details, see complete warranty information.

    Fiberon approved fasteners are designed to accommodate normal dimensional changes without material fracture or change in holding capability and are recommended for installation of Fiberon decking products. Any use of unapproved fasteners, including biscuits or nails, may lead to product failure and void the product warranty. Always refer to Fiberon installation instructions for details.

  • Technical Information
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    Fastener Packaging and Coverage

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