Spend more time outside.

Light the way. Set the mood. Extend the fun.

Enjoy your deck long after the sun's gone down.

Lighting in Action

Create a complete backyard experience with Fiberon lighting. Warm-toned LED lights provide ambience and increase the safety of your outdoor living space by illuminating your deck, railing and stairs. Fiberon lighting is easy to install, allowing you to spend less time setting up and more time enjoying time outside with your family.

When it comes to creating your ultimate outdoor space, little details make a big difference.

An industry first in lighting

Our innovative smart home adapter allows you to manage your lights from anywhere using your smartphone.

  • Features seamless integration with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home compatible device.
  • Turn your lights on and off or dim your lights through voice command on a smart home device.
  • No smart home hub? No problem. The smart home outlet works just as well on its own, when connected to WiFi.
Fiberon Smart Lighting
  • Warranty

    Fiberon lighting is warranted within five (5) years from the date of purchase, this product fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, Fiberon will repair or replace it, at its sole option, free of charge. The warranty does not apply to: (a) damage caused by accident, abuse in handling, or dropping; (b) acts of God; (c) units which have been subject to unauthorized repair, opened, taken apart or otherwise modified; (d) units not used in accordance with directions; (e) damages exceeding the cost of the product; (f) sealed lamps and/or bulbs, LEDs and batteries; (g) the finish on any portion of the product, such as surface scratches and/or weathering, as this is considered normal wear and tear.

  • Technical Information
    Wiring Accessories

    2-Output Splitter

    • 2 Output Splitter (2 pack) - pn: LGT SPLIT 2OP BL 2PK

    5-Output Splitter

    • 5 Output Splitter (2 pack) - pn: LGT SPLIT 5OP BL 2PK

    Wire Harnesses

    • 2 ft. Harness (2 pack) - pn: LGT 2 FT HARNESS 2PK
    • 5 ft. Harness (2 pack) - pn: LGT 5 FT HARNESS 2PK
    • 7 ft. Harness (2 pack) - pn: LGT 7 FT HARNESS 2PK
    • 9 ft. Harness (2 pack) - pn: LGT 9 FT HARNESS 2PK
    Lead Wire Ranges
    • CitySide Side Light and 4 in. Cap lights: 8 in. lead wire
    • All 5 in. Cap lights: 10 in. lead wire
    • CitySide Flat Top Cap Combination Light: 8 in. lead wire
    • Dome Side Light: 9 in. lead wire
    • Stair Riser / Post Lights: 9 in. lead wire
    • Recessed Riser Light: 9 in. lead wire
    • Flush Deck Light with trim ring: 9 in. lead wire
    • 50 Watt Power Supply: 39 in. lead for the tee connector, 72 in. lead for the photocell, 64 in. to the outlet.

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