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Deck Fasteners in Action

Whether out of sight or on the surface, Fiberon deck fasteners get the job done.

Choose Phantom hidden fasteners for a smooth, uninterrupted deck surface or Cortex face fasteners with color-matched plugs that blend seamlessly with the color of your deck. Both fastener systems provide superior holding power, and are corrosion-resistant for a durable, long-lasting finish that is sure to give you a look you'll love.

Phantom GT & EC Hidden Fasteners
  • PhantomGT-deck-fastener
    PhantomGT Hidden Fastener
  • phantomec-deck-fastener
    PhantomEC End Clip

When you want a smooth deck surface and a seamless transition from the indoor to the outdoors, choose Fiberon Phantom GT and Phantom EC (End Clip) Hidden Fasteners.

  • Made from stainless steel with corrosion-resistant coating
  • More "teeth" and sharper curves grip deck boards for a stronger hold to the joist
  • Dual limiting tabs ensure consistent spacing and resist twisting often seen with single tab fasteners
  • Key hole design properly orients and seats the screw for optimal installation
  • Butt Joint Fasteners eliminate the need to double joist or use two fasteners at joints
  • End Clip Fasteners eliminate surface fasteners on the beginning and end boards of the deck
  • Fasteners work with Fiberon Phantom Ballistic Screws (see details below)
  • Phantom GT Fasteners work with Symmetry, Horizon, ProTect Advantage, Sanctuary, and Good Life Decking
  • Phantom EC Fasteners work with all of these decking lines plus Paramount PVC Decking (see Technical Bulletin for approved fastening systems for Paramount PVC Decking grooved edge interior boards)
Phantom 20EC for Paramount PVC Decking
  • phantom20ec-deck-fastener
    Phantom20EC End Clip

Fiberon Phantom 20EC (End Clip) Fasteners offer the same superior holding power as the rest of the Phantom Hidden Fasteners collection. They are designed specifically for use with Paramount PVC perimeter boards. See Technical Bulletin for approved fastening systems for Paramount PVC Decking interior boards.

Cortex Hidden Face-Fastening Screws
  • fiberon-cortex-screws
    Fiberon Cortex Screws

For a traditional face-fastened look, choose Fiberon Cortex screws – the only hidden face fasteners approved for Fiberon decking. Easy to install, Cortex screws work with a special driving tip that automatically places the screw at the precise depth. Then, a color-matched plug is tapped in to minimize the appearance of hardware. So you get a cleaner, more attractive decking surface.

  • Available in all colors of Fiberon Symmetry, Horizon, Paramount, and ProTect Advantage Decking
  • Not recommended for use with Sanctuary or Good Life Decking
  • Available in various quantities to accommodate different projects. See details below.
  • Warranty

    Phantom Hidden Fasteners are backed by a 20-year limited residential warranty and a 5-year limited commercial warranty. For details, see complete warranty information.

  • Technical Information

    Phantom GT and Phantom EC Hidden Fasteners

    • Made from 304 stainless steel with an anti-corrosive e-coating (an electronically applied paint coating that provides superior coverage, adhesion, and corrosion resistance)
    • Available in boxes of 90 (50 sq. ft. of coverage) or buckets of 900 (500 sq. ft.) for 16" on-center installations
    • End Clip Fasteners are sold separately. Each bag includes 25 clips, 40 screws and driver bit for 25 l/f coverage, 12 in. on-center installations

    Phantom Ballistic Screws

    • Fiberon Phantom Ballistic Screws with driver bits are available in 900 count buckets
    • Ballistic NailScrew Driver Kit includes driver, swivel hose fitting, belt hook, safety glasses, allen wrenches and oil

    Fiberon Cortex® Screws for Hidden Face-Fastening

    • Available in all colors of Fiberon Paramount, Symmetry, Horizon, and ProTect Advantage Decking products
    • Not recommended for use with the Good Life or Sanctuary decking
    • All colors available in boxes to cover 100 l/f for 12 in. on-center or 140 l/f for 16 in. on-center joist installation.
    • Box includes 224 2-½” screws, 300 color-matched plugs and two setting tools.
    • All Paramount PVC Decking colors are available in tubs to cover 300 sq. ft. (1,050 2-½” screws, 1,200 color-matched plugs and six setting tools)

    Fiberon approved fasteners are designed to accommodate normal dimensional changes without material fracture or change in holding capability and are recommended for installation of Fiberon decking products. Any use of unapproved fasteners, including biscuits or nails, may lead to product failure and void the product warranty.

  • FAQs
    Can Fiberon Phantom Hidden Deck Fasteners be used with decking other than Fiberon?

    Phantom Fasteners are for use with most composite decking products. Non-grooved composite decking boards can be grooved** with a slot cutting bit to accommodate the Phantom Fastener. Recommended bits are:

    • UFO, PN: The Groover
    • Woodstock International, PN: DC1098
    • Bosch, PN: 85530M
    • Sears, PN: SPM215190769
    • Sears, PN: SPM215190779
    • Grizzly Industrial, PN: C1098

    **Cutting grooves or slots into deck boards may void the manufacturer's warranty. Fiberon does not warrant or guarantee your warranty will remain valid.