Good Life Decking

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The Good Life just got better

Introducing NEW multi-chromatic colors

Good Life Decking in Action

Fiberon Good Life Decking offers the low maintenance of a composite at a price that's closer to wood.

Capped on three sides with a tough protective finish, Good Life Decking resists staining and fading. And with its solid composite construction, you can say goodbye to rotting, warping, splintering boards, too.

There’s more good news. Now Good Life Decking is available in two rich, multi-chromatic colors as well as our original solid shades. These new colors, Beach House and Bungalow, rival the look of tropical hardwoods while our tried-and-true originals, Cabin and Cottage, resemble traditional painted wood.

Turns out the good life is actually pretty great.


Features and Options
  • Never stain or paint your deck again.

    Composite decking frees you from the maintenance of wood.

  • Beauty that lasts

    Backed by 25-year stain & fade and performance warranties, so you can buy with confidence.

  • Good for the environment

    Made from recycled content, our composites are free of toxins and produced using sustainable methods.

  • Good dollars and sense

    Our composites' long life, and low maintenance requirements help you save money.

  • When Safety Counts

    Unlike wood, composite decking won't splinter or crack, making your home safer for bare feet, small children and pets.

  • Warranty

    Fiberon Good Life Decking is backed by the following three warranties. See complete details.

    1. 25-year Residential Limited Warranty against checking, splintering, delamination, rot and structural damage from fungal decay
    2. 25-year Residential Stain and Fade Limited Warranty
    3. 10-year Commercial Limited Warranty against checking, splintering, delamination, rot and structural damage from fungal decay
  • Technical Information
    • Board Profile Dimensions: Relieved bottom .93 in. x 5.3 in (2.36 cm x 13.4 cm)
    • Boards are not reversible.
    • Board Weight: 2.0 lbs./lineal ft.
    • Material: Durable outer surface is bonded on three sides of HDPE and wood composite core
    • Square Edge Board Lengths: 20 feet
    • Grooved Edge Board Lengths: 12 ft.; 16 ft.; 20 ft.
    • Span Limitations: Perpendicular to joist 16 inches (40 cm); Up to 45° angle to joist 12 inches (31 cm); Stair stringer spacing 7 inches (17.78 cm)
    • Fascia Boards: .75 in. x 11.25 in. x 12 ft.; available in Beach House, Bungalow, Cabin and Cottage
    • Riser Boards: not available
    • Surface fasteners: Yes
    • Hidden fasteners: Yes

    Get installation instructions and technical bulletins

    WARNING: California Proposition 65 and Fiberon Products

  • FAQs
    What’s the difference between original Good Life Decking and new Multi-Chromatic Good Life Decking?

    Original Good Life Decking in Cabin and Cottage resemble traditional painted deck boards. The colors are mono-chromatic, solid shades. New Multi-Chromatic Good Life Decking features subtle and dramatic streaks of color, giving the boards a look that mimics tropical hardwoods. All four colors have the same protective outer layer on three sides, the same solid composite core, and the same warranty coverage.

    What does the term "multi-chromatic" mean?

    Multi-chromatic is a term used to describe the varied light and dark streaking on certain composite decking. By adding different colors at precise moments during the manufacturing process, we are able to create a more nuanced color palette on a single board – something you might also call multi-dimensional color.

    How do I clean Good Life Decking?

    For general cleaning, use soap and water or mild household cleaners.

    What makes Good Life Decking different from your other decking lines?

    Good Life Decking has a scalloped bottom. All our other deck boards have a flat bottoms. The scalloped design requires less decking material. Consequently, the boards are priced comparably to pressure-treated lumber – making this a smart choice when budget is a top consideration. Like our other decking lines, Good Life is available in multi-chromatic and solid colors. There’s a durable cap layer for stain and fade resistance, and solid composite construction to prevent splintering, cracking, insect infestation, and decay. One more note: Good Life Decking does not work with Cortex hidden face fasteners. Use composite deck screws for Good Life square-edge boards and Fiberon Phantom fasteners for grooved-edge boards.

    What type of surface fasteners are recommended for Good Life Decking?

    We recommend 2.5-inch #8 or #10 stainless steel or composite screws for surface-fastening Good Life Decking. Do not use Cortex fasteners, or any other fastener with a plug. Here’s why: Good Life Decking has a scalloped bottom. The scallops are located on the underside of where you would insert the screw. Because those areas are naturally thinner, the screw does not have sufficient material to grab. This results in a less secure installation and a far greater risk of cracking over time due to pressure/vibrations.

    Am I able to cut Fiberon railings to custom size? If so, what is the best kind of saw and blade to use?

    Yes, Fiberon Symmetry, and Horizon railing can be cut down to fit between existing posts. We recommend using a sharp 32-tooth carbide-tipped blade – 32 teeth or more will cut it neat and clean.

    Do Fiberon products require water sealing?

    No. Fiberon products require only periodic cleaning with soap and water. Deck sealants are not required or recommended.

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