Sanctuary Decking

Rustic refined


No slipping. No splintering. No staining. No kidding.

Rich colors and high-traction wood graining, all wrapped in a tough-as-nails protective surface.

Sanctuary Decking in Action

Available in three multichromatic colors, Sanctuary composite decking features a high-traction wood grain, so you'll stay steady on your feet. Capped on three sides with innovative PermaTech surface technology, Sanctuary provides outstanding surface durability, too. And Sanctuary is backed by a 25-year limited warranty against stains and fading. It's is the perfect blend of good looks, great performance, and easy-on-you maintenance.


(Sanctuary Decking is available in select areas: Canada, Washington, Montana, North and South Dakota. Please contact us at 1-800-573-8841 for more information.)

  • Never stain or paint your deck again.

    Composite decking frees you from the maintenance of wood.

  • Beautiful, realistic wood looks

    Exotic wood tones and grains emulate tropical hardwoods.

  • Good for the environment

    Made from recycled content, our composites are free of toxins and produced using sustainable methods.

  • Beauty that lasts

    Backed by 25 year warranty, our composites won't scratch, stain or fade. Resists mold, termites and - even last night's barbecue.

  • When Safety Counts

    Unlike wood, composite decking won't splinter or crack, making your home safer for bare feet, small children and pets.

  • Good dollars and sense

    Our composites' long life, and low maintenance requirements help you save money.

  • Warranty

    Fiberon Sanctuary Decking is backed by the following three warranties. See complete details.

    1. 25-year Residential Limited Warranty against checking, splintering, delamination, rot and structural damage from fungal decay
    2. 25-year Residential Stain and Fade Limited Warranty
    3. 10-year Commercial Limited Warranty against checking, splintering, delamination, rot and structural damage from fungal decay
  • Technical Information
    • Board Dimensions: 5.4 in. wide x .93 in. high in 12 ft., 16 ft. and 20 ft. grooved lengths and 16 ft. square edge length
    • Fascia Board Dimensions: 11.25 in. wide x .75 in. high x 12 ft. long
    • Riser Board Dimensions: 7.25 in. wide x .75 in. high x 12 ft. long
    • Material: Premium composite core with patent-pending PermaTech surface on three sides
    • Decking Colors: Espresso, Latte and Earl Grey
    • Fascia Colors: Espresso, Latte and Earl Grey
    • Riser Colors: Espresso, Latte and Earl Grey

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  • FAQs
    What is the difference between Sanctuary Decking and Horizon Decking?

    Both the colors and grain patterns are different. Plus, Sanctuary is a three-sided capped board, whereas Horizon is capped on four sides and is reversible.

    How do I clean Sanctuary Decking?

    For general cleaning, use soap and water or mild household cleaners.

    What areas is Sanctuary Decking available in?

    Sanctuary Decking is only available in Canada, Washington, Montana, and North and South Dakota

    How do I remove tree sap from my decking?

    Because tree sap is especially sticky, neither ordinary deck cleaners nor power washing will work. We recommend using WD40 to remove the sap. Be sure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Please note that WD40 also is effective in removing the labels that are found on the boards when they arrive at the job site.

    How do I remove the label adhesive from my Fiberon deck Boards?

    When you remove the labels that come standard on our deck boards, there may be some adhesive left behind. We recommend WD40, denatured alcohol or PVC pipe cleaning liquid as the most effective means of removing this adhesive. Traditional deck cleaner or power washing may not remove the adhesive completely.

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