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  • General FAQ's
    Can I power wash Fiberon Decking products?

    Skilled professionals may use a pressure washer with wide fan tips, at low pressures under 3,000 psi and at safe distances, 10" above deck. In the wrong hands, your composite deck could be damaged. Exercise extreme caution. Improper use could lead to damage of the surface, and void your warranty coverage.

    What makes Fiberon Decking and Railing safe for my home?

    Fiberon products are urea formaldehyde-free and manufactured without toxic chemicals. Products installed according to our manufacturer's instructions and local building regulations provide sturdy decking and surrounds that do not splinter, crack or decay, protecting workers and users from potential injuries.

    How do Fiberon products produce less waste during installation?

    Fiberon products provide unique features that help contractors reduce waste by up to 15 percent per job. Grooved and square edge boards come in a variety of lengths so contractors will have to cut fewer boards to fit, creating less scrap. Boards that are reversible have usable surfaces on both sides. This reduces the number of cuts needed, thereby eliminating waste.

    Can I put Fiberon Decking over a concrete patio?

    Fiberon cannot be installed directly on a solid surface. Allow a minimum of 6" (15 cm) between bottom of deck substructure/joists and the ground. The deck design must allow unrestricted airflow under at least 50% of its perimeter to permit adequate ventilation.

    How much ventilation is required under a deck?

    It is very important that there be adequate and unobstructed air flow under the deck to prevent excessive water absorption. Improve drainage or grade flat areas where standing water may gather. For decks with limited ventilation, six inches of clear ventilation is required.

    Will heat from cooking grills or fire pits harm Fiberon Decking?

    Fire features and fire pits are increasingly popular in outdoor living environments. Fire can damage many building products, including Fiberon decking. Improperly installed fire features and fire pits can cause damage to the surface of Fiberon decking via direct exposure to the flame or excessive radiated heat. Proper caution should be taken when designing, installing and using these features to ensure damage does not result.

    What if my decking gets scratched?

    In the same way that wood decking materials can get marred or gouged, the surface of composite decking can also be scratched. Horizon Decking is the Fiberon products most resistant to scratches. If scratches do occur, we recommend allowing normal wear marks to disappear gradually.

    Will salt water hurt Fiberon products?

    Salt water splash has not been found to be detrimental.

    What is a multi-chromatic surface?

    Unlike other decking boards that use shadows from embossed or moulded surfaces, Fiberon products are developed with a proprietary process that injects more vibrant hues into the board to create the rich, natural colour variation found in real wood such as cedar, redwood, and ipe.

    Do Fiberon products require water sealing?

    No. Fiberon products require only periodic cleaning with soap and water. Deck sealants are not required or recommended.

    What is the significance of using HDPE to make Fiberon decking?

    High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) provides superior physical and mechanical performance as compared to mixed density resins. HDPE resins are typically found in more rigid products like drinking cups and food packaging. The use of HDPE results in a decking board that is stiffer, more durable and much harder than other decks made with inferior grades of plastic.

  • HavenView CountrySide Railing
    How is Fiberon HavenView CountrySide sold?

    Fiberon HavenView CountrySide Railing is sold in sections that will work in either line or stair applications. The sections are available as follows:

    • 6 ft. length for 36 in. rail height
    • 6 ft. length for 42 in. rail height
    • 8 ft. length for 36 in. rail height
    • 8 ft. length for 42 in. rail height

    Each section includes the top and bottom rails, balusters, crush bocks and holders, and the mounting hardware.

    There are three color options (Tranquil White, Serene Black, and Simply Brown) and two baluster options (beveled composite balusters or round black metal balusters).

    Post sleeves, post caps, and post skirts are sold separately.

    How do I clean HavenView CountrySide Railing?

    Use soap and water or mild household cleaners to clean your Symmetry Signature Railing.

    What baluster styles would work with HavenView CountrySide railing?

    HavenView CountrySide railing has matching solid, beveled-edge, square balusters and black aluminum balusters.

    Can I paint HavenView CountrySide Railing?

    You can paint HavenView CountrySide railing; however, the durable PVC finish enables the railing to withstand the elements without ever needing paint. If you do decide to paint your railing, consult a paint specialist to ensure the proper paint is used.

  • CitySide
    Can I install CitySide Aluminium Railing between existing sleeved, pressure-treated posts in place of the aluminium flush mounting posts?

    In order to use an existing post rather than the recommended aluminium flush mounting posts, you must be able to do the following:

    1. First, fit the aluminium railing brackets onto the post you want to use.
    2. Next, shift/tilt back the post so that you can insert the railing into the aluminium railing brackets.
    3. Finally, secure the posts firmly into place once the railings have been completely assembled.

    If you can do all of this with your existing posts, then this is possible. Otherwise, you will not be able to install CitySide Railing using these posts.

Deck Fasteners
  • Hidden Deck Fasteners
    Can Fiberon Phantom Hidden Deck Fasteners be used with decking other than Fiberon?

    Phantom Fasteners are for use with most composite decking products. Non-grooved composite decking boards can be grooved** with a slot cutting bit to accommodate the Phantom Fastener. Recommended bits are:

    • UFO, PN: The Groover
    • Woodstock International, PN: DC1098
    • Bosch, PN: 85530M
    • Sears, PN: SPM215190769
    • Sears, PN: SPM215190779
    • Grizzly Industrial, PN: C1098

    **Cutting grooves or slots into deck boards may void the manufacturer's warranty. Fiberon does not warrant or guarantee your warranty will remain valid.

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